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We Don't Hack To Have Fun Somtimes We Need..
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Im p@r@dox17 , Algerian , Muslims And We Love Peace But We Want To Talk About Terrorism In Da World ..
This Is The real Terrorism ...
Terrorism Against Muslims In :
Burma , Palestine ,India , Kachmir , Chechenya , Syria , Iran , Afghanistan , Iraq , Libanon , Center Africa , Negiria ,Niger Somali , Mali , Yemen , China , Philipine , Indonisia , Guntanamo ( Cuba ) , Abu Gharib .... And Other Country :( Muslims Killed Every Day By Zionist , Christians And Chiaa .. But Why !
Coz Islam Is The True Religion ?
Why Islam Dont Attack Any Other Religion And All Other Religion Want Just To distroy Islam ?
Coz Islam Is The Religion Of Terrorism ( Thats What You Want To say )
So When We Defend Our Self We Called By Terrorist ?
You Made The Terrorism And You Occupate Our Country To Theft our Wealth Under The Cover Of Counter-terrorism
You Kill Our Childs , Brothers Fauthers And Mothers And You Call Me Terrorist.
After All What You Do Against me And Against Our Messager , Our Religions Our Family What You want Me To be ??
Coward ?
Surrendered ?
What You Want me to Do When You Ripe My Sister And My Country ??
You Want Me To Talk About The Tolirence OF ISlam ??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I Will Never Do That And I will Defend My Family Country And Brothers and Sisters Till I Die And I Dont Give A Fuck If You CAll Me Terrorist
I Dont Fear The Death You Know Why ?? Coz If The Death Can Be A Women Am The First Man Who Will marry Her ....

And This Is Fucking Real . . . . . . . .
You Just Get Fucked Up . . . . . . .
We Hack , Just For Giving a WARNING . . . . . . . .
Hacking Is Not A Crime . . . Hacking Is Art . . . . .

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